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Urgently seeking blind volunteers to participate in a research on architecture

Hello every one,

I am a postgraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art, doing a research on the blind and the way they perceive the built environment, in addition, I am participating in a design competition for The Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Centre in New York, which is a performance art centre for the people
with multiple disability.

I am looking urgently for blind volunteers who are interested participate in an activity that relates to the way blind people perceive and represent spaces, mainly public pedestrian spaces
in the cities’ shopping areas.

This project is an opportunity for the blind people to
level their voices on issues related to the urban
condition, to inclusive design and diversity of users,
and help expanding the knowledge on the richness of
human capacities.

The volunteers are required to describe one, or more
spaces. These spaces should be ,as mentioned before, part of the shopping areas or related to them. They can be in door or outdoor spaces, or in between. They can be transitional spaces, connecting spaces , such as the streets, elevators, escalators, ramps, or the glass facades, a restaurant, benches, a bus stop, or any
space the volunteer consider worth describing or a
personal landmark.

The choice of the place, its size, use and location,
and its level of familiarity is up to the users.

What we need for the research is the description of
these places by the blind participants and their
impact on them.

We need to explore what senses are most bias or active
in the blind persons perception of a specific space,
and how a blind person imagine the physical features
of a space or attempt to anticipate

So, do some spaces, and not objects, provoke more the
sense of touch than the auditory, or can some spaces
reveal their features to the users through standing
still rather than through successive movements in

The volunteers can choose spaces familiar to them, or
spaces they encountered with once, yet it is very
necessary that they specify the location of these
spaces, the time they conducted their perception and
its duration.

The description is preferably via text, however the
volunteers are free to add other media in their
documentation, such as:

1. Photography ( video recording or still
2. Audio recording
4. Drawing
5. Sculpture, or any other medium they consider

The length of the document is up to the volunteers as well.

Due to my research submission deadline, which is on the 24th
of January 2006, I would appreciate to receive the
contribution prior to this date.

The work will be used as a reference for the
academic research I am undertaking which will respect,
and acknowledge the participants authorization
in using their work as case studies.

Regarding the work of the participants, it
would be very appreciated if the documentaries be sent
electronically ,on my email address below or via regular
mail. I can also propose to arrange collecting these
documentaries from the volunteers if necessary.

I am currently living in Guildford, UK and can be
contacted on the following address:

10 Old Farm Road
GU 1 1QN

Tel: 00447910838223

My personal e-mail address is:

I am glad to clarify further any point with the

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you all in advance.


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I'm working with a group to create more hands-on interactive science teaching aids for blind children. Our first assignment is to create aids that will be used in to London Museum of Science's interactive children's exhibit about light. We really want these to be fun, not just some supplemental audio and braille. The exhibit is in several sections, for sources of light and how it propagates, colour, reflection, and refraction.

I was wondering what you came across in your research and what is the best way to contact other blind people.

You can respond to this or you can email me.