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caitlin H

Let's Try Again?

Hi All!
Sorry again, it's really going to work this time. I really broke something badly, and I did it on like fifty communities, so now I have to post this all over cuz like I dunno how to delete the old one because I disabled comments and can't get to it. I'm really really sorry for the inconvenience!
I'm Caitlin, and I'd like to post a message that a fellow LJer, Tif, put on BlindPeople, so please take the time to read, and comment on the link following the message. I've disabled comments and put a link to the Blindpeople thread so all comments go to the same place. Thanks loads!
1. How many of you in here have Leber's, either LCA or LON?
2. For those of you who answer yes, would you like to have a community totally devoted
to the disease, it's symptoms, and any updates on cures?
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