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19th December 2005

nina_rahal9:01pm: Urgently seeking blind volunteers to participate in a research on architecture
Hello every one,

I am a postgraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art, doing a research on the blind and the way they perceive the built environment, in addition, I am participating in a design competition for The Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Centre in New York, which is a performance art centre for the people
with multiple disability.

I am looking urgently for blind volunteers who are interested participate in an activity that relates to the way blind people perceive and represent spaces, mainly public pedestrian spaces
in the cities’ shopping areas.

This project is an opportunity for the blind people to
level their voices on issues related to the urban
condition, to inclusive design and diversity of users,
and help expanding the knowledge on the richness of
human capacities.

The volunteers are required to describe one, or more
spaces. These spaces should be ,as mentioned before, part of the shopping areas or related to them. They can be in door or outdoor spaces, or in between. They can be transitional spaces, connecting spaces , such as the streets, elevators, escalators, ramps, or the glass facades, a restaurant, benches, a bus stop, or any
space the volunteer consider worth describing or a
personal landmark.

The choice of the place, its size, use and location,
and its level of familiarity is up to the users.

What we need for the research is the description of
these places by the blind participants and their
impact on them.

We need to explore what senses are most bias or active
in the blind persons perception of a specific space,
and how a blind person imagine the physical features
of a space or attempt to anticipate

So, do some spaces, and not objects, provoke more the
sense of touch than the auditory, or can some spaces
reveal their features to the users through standing
still rather than through successive movements in

The volunteers can choose spaces familiar to them, or
spaces they encountered with once, yet it is very
necessary that they specify the location of these
spaces, the time they conducted their perception and
its duration.

The description is preferably via text, however the
volunteers are free to add other media in their
documentation, such as:

1. Photography ( video recording or still
2. Audio recording
4. Drawing
5. Sculpture, or any other medium they consider

The length of the document is up to the volunteers as well.

Due to my research submission deadline, which is on the 24th
of January 2006, I would appreciate to receive the
contribution prior to this date.

The work will be used as a reference for the
academic research I am undertaking which will respect,
and acknowledge the participants authorization
in using their work as case studies.

Regarding the work of the participants, it
would be very appreciated if the documentaries be sent
electronically ,on my email address below or via regular
mail. I can also propose to arrange collecting these
documentaries from the volunteers if necessary.

I am currently living in Guildford, UK and can be
contacted on the following address:

10 Old Farm Road
GU 1 1QN

Tel: 00447910838223

My personal e-mail address is: nina_rahal@yahoo.co.uk

I am glad to clarify further any point with the

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you all in advance.



11th December 2005

lilmizmombassa1:36pm: Shameless Plug
Hi guys...fellow teenager who just happens to be blind here. Anyhow, I'm Caitlin and I'm getting (hopefully, that is) my first guide dog from GDF this July. As many you may know, first time handlers occasionally keep training journals of their experiences, and I have started to do this, too. For your viewing/reading pleasure/informational purposes, I have decided to host it on LJ. The link for my new community, which you all can join is caitsdogjournal. I hope you all go join; I'd like to see some teenagers on their. :) And have a terrific day.

This was cross posted like crazy, and mods I'm sorry if this is unallowed, please delete if it is. :) I won't do it again.
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30th November 2005

xb1008:27pm: Multisensory Integration Study

My name is Marina, and I'm a graduate student in Cognitive Neuroscience. My lab is starting a new study of multisensory integration in people with different sensory experiences (more detailed info is below). You have to be over 18 to participate, so not sure if any of you would fit. I'm sorry if such postings are not welcome on this site. Thank you for your help.

Nathan Kline Institute- Rockland County, NY

Our Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory is looking for people who have been blind or deaf since early childhood to participate in a research study. The study will record non-invasive measurements of brain activity while participants perform a multisensory task.
This is the first study to compare how the brain’s response to touch varies between blind, deaf, and sighted and hearing participants. We will also assess how the brain combines information from the sense of touch with visual and/or auditory information. We believe that early blind and deaf individuals may have developed special abilities to process and respond to these kinds of multisensory combinations. Understanding the way senses are combined in the visually- and hearing-impaired will help to develop more effective rehabilitative therapies and adaptive environments to facilitate daily living.

To complete the multisensory task, small vibration stimulators and LED lights will be placed on the forefinger and thumb of the participants’ hands. Two speakers will also be aligned next to their hands. Participants will be asked to respond to each stimulus by depressing a foot pedal with their right foot. The vibration will feel like vibrations from an everyday pager or cell phone.

Participants will wear a cap, similar to a swim cap, for the duration of the experiment. The cap has holes in it where electrodes are attached. These electrodes will monitor and measure the activity of the brain (also called EEG). EEG is very much like EKG used for heart monitoring; just as a tape recorder records the voice, an EEG records the brain’s activity. This is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure. Gel will be put into the electrodes to make sure there is good contact with the scalp. Participants’ hair will be washed at the end of the recording session. Putting on the cap and going over informed consent will take about 45 minutes.

Participants will be reimbursed $10/hour for their time. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Participants will take regular breaks from the experiment throughout the day. We estimate that this study will take between 6 and 7 hours. Transportation will be provided if necessary.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact us:

Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory
Nathan Kline Institute
140 Old Orangeburg Rd.
Orangeburg, NY 10962
Phone: 845-398-6538

4th June 2005

caitlin4512:02am: Let's Try Again?
Hi All!
Sorry again, it's really going to work this time. I really broke something badly, and I did it on like fifty communities, so now I have to post this all over cuz like I dunno how to delete the old one because I disabled comments and can't get to it. I'm really really sorry for the inconvenience!
I'm Caitlin, and I'd like to post a message that a fellow LJer, Tif, put on BlindPeople, so please take the time to read, and comment on the link following the message. I've disabled comments and put a link to the Blindpeople thread so all comments go to the same place. Thanks loads!
1. How many of you in here have Leber's, either LCA or LON?
2. For those of you who answer yes, would you like to have a community totally devoted
to the disease, it's symptoms, and any updates on cures?
Comment by clicking the following URL:

3rd June 2005

caitlin453:51pm: Blindness Question
Hi All!
I'm Caitlin, and I'd like to post a message that a fellow LJer, Tif, put on
<lj user="blindpeople"< Please take the time to read, and comment on the link following the message. I've disabled comments and put a link to the Blindpeople thread so all comments go to the same place. Thanks loads! Caitlin 1. How many of you in here have Leber's, either LCA or LON? 2. For those of you who answer yes, would you like to have a community totally devoted to the disease, it's symptoms, and any updates on cures? Thanks. Tif Comment by clicking the following URL: http://www.livejournal.com/community/blindpeople/118084.html?mode=reply XPosted

12th April 2005

kerrisayshi9:21pm: New Lj Community
I just started a new community on here called Addem_blind/vi. It's a place for the blind or visually impaired people on lj to meet, talk, and make new friends.
Anything goes (as long as it's clean) and I'd really appreciate it if a lot of you joined. The address is www.livejournal.com/community/addemblindvi or
you can find a link on the top of my journal or in my user info. Tha nks, Kerri
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14th February 2005

kerrisayshi1:34am: New Lj Community
I just started a community on here for users of electronic notetakers such as Braille N Speaks, Braille Notes, Pac Mates, and the like. It's a place for
you to discuss your notetaker of choice and how it helps you, get technecal assistance, or learn about other notetaking devices and aplications you might
not know about. So please join. I'm hoping that thins will become a thriving community.
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8th November 2004

kerrisayshi8:13am: Comunity for Braille Note Users
Check Out My Comunity
I just set up a comunity for Braille Note or Voice Note users called braillenote of course. It's basically a place to talk about these notetakers, discuss
places to download books or music, and answer any questions people might have about problems with their Braille Notes or other things. So if you have,
have had, or want a Braille Note or Voice Note, please join. PLEASE!!! Hope to see you there. You can find it on my info page or go to www.livejournal.com/comunities/braillenote/

28th September 2004

blindbella7:47pm: hey everyone!
Hey guys! I joined the communities a while back but I haven’t said anything... It seems pretty dead but I thought I’d introduce myself anyways. I'm a 20 year old from Canada. I just started my B.A. in psychology at Concordia university. I don't have a guide dog but I used to have a pet Dalmatian named tasha and I absolutely adore dogs!!!! Hmm...... What else can I say about me... (i'm soo bad at thses things!! feel free to read my journal or add me ;) Oh by the way, I was also on hotbraille aas Italian_rose and on zonebbs as TheRose.


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4th July 2004

floatingfire8:43pm: Hola!
I was wondering, do you have to be visually impaired/blind to get to use a cain? Will I be punished by law for using one??

5th June 2004

kerrisayshi10:32pm: Just thought you'd all be interested to know that I just got accepted to the Guide Dog Foundation here in New York. I'm getting my dog this summer, hopefully in July. I was kind of hesitant at first about taking on a dog, but after a lot of thought and talking with my family and other people I think it will be the best thing for me. I love dogs, I'll be going away to college in a year or so, and a dog will really increase my independence. Any other guide dog users or eventual users out there?
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28th May 2004

kerrisayshi10:06am: Hello Everyone
Hi. I'm Kerri. I'm 17, from New York, and totally blind since birth. (I was born premature and had ROP.) I go to a regular school, read Braille and use a cane (hopefully a guide dog after this summer), and have a Braille Note and Jaws on my computer. I found this comunity while doing a Google search for "blind teens" . Cool. I didn't know Lj had a comunity like this, and I hope to writw a lot in the future. Check my User Info to learn a little more about me. Well, I guess that's all for now. Nice to meet you all.

27th April 2004

clearwater559:48pm: Hi,

I'm Jess, 23, have RP and blindpeople Refered me to you all.

I'm doing a website that lists all lj communities, websites/webrings, msn/yahoo groups and organizations dealing with blindness or visual impairment. I went onto the userinfo page of this community and the email address isn't defined (showing) so I thought I'd post it here. If you all would like to see this community linked up to my website, plaeas post a comment!!!!!!!

Website: http://expage.com/blindvi

My site also includes a forum, so once I get everyone's approval here, I'll list it on my site, and also reserve a spot on my forums.

Forums: Website Forums

Finally, I also have 3 communities of my own, they are also listed in the website but I thought I'd add them here too. They ar: rp_room, braille_talk, and vi_place.

3rd April 2004

slyfoot2:41pm: deafblind community
[X-posted to several relevant communities]

Helen Keller

The deafblind community was created as a forum for discussion of issues related to deaf/blindness. Topics can range from anything from personal experiences, poetry, assistive technology, Helen Keller, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), socialization, education, support groups, and just about anything else related to deaf/blindness. You do not necessarily have to be deaf/blind to join; people who have visual and hearing impaired family members or friends, and professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life for deaf/blind people are welcome too.


29th March 2004

leeshypie12:01pm: Hi! :)
ARe any of you visually impaired. If you are, how do you know if your vision's getting worse? I'm just wondering because my eye appointment's not until September. By then they might finish the testing of the operation on my eyes. I mean come on! Lol
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20th March 2004

lilmizmombassa3:54pm: Welcome....MOMBASSA!!
Hey There:
I'm realatively new to Live Journal. However, I am not new to being a blind teen. I am fifteen, from New York. I joined this community through Blind People, which I also subscribe to. As of...five minutes ago. I figure sence I'm blind, a teen. It might just make sence for me to be here. Anyhow. I'm glad to be here. Feel free to add me. And, oh yes, for the entry about the aids making fun of your eyes, that's wrong. I don't think that should be allowed, at all. If their your aid, there supposed to help you, not make fun of you. I don't have an aid, haven't sence sixth grade. But I know that when I did, she never said a word about my eye sight, or the marred appearance of my eyes. OK. I'm out for the time being. I'll check back here later. Great Idea, PuppyBraille, starting this community!! I think it'll be fun here. :):)
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15th March 2004

leeshypie1:16pm: Hi
Hi! I just joined this community because I'm a blindo (I'm a preteen, but oh well.) and I wanted to ask you people: What do your aids do and what are they like? Do yours make fun of your eyes, or is it just me?
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13th March 2004

sunshine879:59am: I'm new, hi!
I found this community. And, since I'm a blindteen, I figured I'd join! I love meeting new people.

I'm a 17-year-old female junior at the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired. I'm totally blind. I love to sing, read, adn take part in school activities.

Hmm... that's about it for me. Feel free to add me or whatever. Sometiems, I'm happy, sometimes I'm not. I'm an individual. I love individuality.

Peace out!
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13th June 2003

puppybraille9:07am: Welcome!
Welcome to the new community for blind teens. I'm glad you've come. I myself am a blind teen, and I think you will find that this is a place to post if you want to talk about any issues. Any discussions are fine, just try not to flame anyone.
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